159 Fude Matsuri at Kumano

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Hi Everyone,

In this today’s blog, I want to inform you that the annual Fude Matsuri( Festival) will be held in Kumano next week.

There will be some events at the usual site, but brush sale will be done on the web due to the current situation.


I talked to Kihitsu on how it would work for them.

If you get access to the site, they will lead to each brush maker where you can buy brushes at discount.

I am not sure if they send overseas. I guess some do, some don’t.

I want to tell you about the Kihitsu case :

There will be ‘outlet’ brushes that will be sold at 20% discount at the Kihitsu web site.
In addition, there are brushes that were engraved but were cancelled.

Kihitsu coordinate with wedding planners and sell brushes for weddings, where their brushes are gifted to guests.

Guests’ names are engraved in advance, but some guests cancel their participation.
That is how engraved brushes are left in the warehouse.

Most are engraved in Japanese, so maybe you don’t care? Well, I know some of you understand Japanese so it may bother you.

I asked what kinds of brushes were.
He said that those were heart brushes.

I guess those brush hairs are goat/PBT, so many are not interested but FYI.

I went to Isetan today around 6:30 PM, busy time. The food sections was busy, but makeup sections are not.

I visited Shaquda, Laduree and Decorte.

Thank you for reading and I will write more tomorrow!