161 Kihitsu Fupa

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Hi Everyone, 

It is raining and it is cold in Tokyo. 

I went to Uniqlo and bought a 3000 yen jacket.

I had my hair cut today. It was 1100 yen.

A typical lunch costs less than 1000 yen, with no tip needed. 

It seems Tokyo is not expensive, believe or not. 


With the coronavirus situation getting calm, Japan will accept visitors from all countries, beginning October 1. 

It is still limited to long-term stays,  but the situation is improving. 


I have a question. 

KIhitsu is considering selling Kakishibu by Kihitsu brand. 

The set is 35000 yen, with a Paulownia box and pouch.

It could be less without the box or pouch. 

Currently sold as a set


It will be a Kihitsu brand, with 喜筆 printed.

I am also asking Kihitsu to sell fupa01, going forward. It is not decided.

I get many orders for fupa01 these days.


There are many pictures of holiday collections posted to the web. 

Please let me know if you are interested.


Attached are Milano Collection of Kanebo, Celvoke and THREE.


Thank you !