162 Old inventory at Kihitsu warehouse

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Hi Everyone,

I went to a book last night after I ate a ‘hot cake’ in a family restaurant.

It is called Royal Host, which has big space to work in.

Coffee was not good, the hot cake is good)

It has been long since I visited a bookstore last time. I found many books interesting though I am not sure if I go there to buy books.

Amazon books are too convenient for me to go to a bookstore, and many bookstores in Japan are out of business. A bookstore in my neighbor is now a Docomo (mobile company) shop.

Even big ones have a problem.

Time changed when ‘You’ve Got Mail’ was filmed in 1998.

Yet I see some children sit on the floor and read a picture book with their mothers.

The Bookstore industry may need to change what they sell from a book to entertainment.

Speaking of Amazon, do you buy Japanese brushes at Amazon or eBay?

I am curious.

I haven’t sold products neither at Amazon or eBay.

I know many Japanese sell ‘Japan’ products there.

Kihitsu CEO mailed me pictures of some old inventory. I want to share here.

The price and hair information will be mailed later.





Champagne Gold face

Champagne Gold cheek

Champagne Gold eyeshadow M

I will follow up on more brushes from Kihitsu.

Thank you for reading.