New brand – SNIDEL

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(The picture is Amplitude)

Hi Everyone, 

I received several orders for a brand called ‘SNIDEL.’ (All capital letters)

SNIDEL BEAUTY ONLINE STORE | スナイデル ビューティ オンラインストア
SNIDEL BEAUTY(スナイデル ビューティ)公式ウェブサイト。リアルライフを生きる、エイジレスな女性たちのための新しいスタイルを提案する、ナチュラル& オーガニック メイクアップブランドです。

It is a new brand (March 2020).

SNIDEL belongs to the same group as Celvoke does. 

To/one is one of the group companies.

to/one Website
to/one(トーン)公式ウェブサイト。目に見える美しさだけはでなく、素肌や心の美しさを引き出すナチュラル& オーガニック メイクアップブランドです。

SNIDEL emphasizes the merit of using natural ingredients. 

The concept has been carried by THREE as well.

In that skin friendly market , it seems that THREE, SNIDEL and Celvoke compete with each other.


I bought the eye & cheek EX01

6960 yen 

( the first picture below)
(the second one has SNIDEL eyeshadow palettes)

I bought the first one from Hankyu Department store, the biggest department store in Osaka.

They told me that they have a shop in Shibuya.

So I visited SNIDEL in Shibuya.

The shop is located on the first floor near the entrance.

Very good location.

I found that the manager was a previous Celvoke manager that I knew, so it was quite easy to ask her questions.

By the way, I asked those sales people where they are from.

Many are from local cities, which I can ask many questions. 

99% of the time, they tell me lots of local things. 

You know I cannot ask makeup questions LOL. So I need to find a way to make them relaxed. 

At first, it was a torture to visit makeup shops but now …..

Getting fun!

SUQQU update

I told you that SUQQU brushes would be discontinued. 

I chatted with Lunasol today, and they will replace the current animal hair by synthetic.

I believe RMK will do the same – RMK, Lunasol and SUQQU are the same group – Kanebo.

Please let me know if you are interested. 

SUQQU eyeshadow F brush is sold out but the others are still available.

Thank you for reading!


This is Eye & Cheek ex01.