SUQQU Brush update

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Hi Everyone,

We have a new prime minister.

His name is Kishida. 

He spent some years in NY when he was a boy so maybe an English speaker.

I did not have an opinion about him till I found we had something in common.

We like the same baseball team. 

‘Hiroshima Carp’

Maybe we go to a game together when the Carp visits Tokyo, LOL.

Hiroshima being the smallest baseball city in Japan, people in the city are really into the game. 

The morning starts in Hiroshima, with a conversation.

‘Carp lost again last night, too bad!’

‘Well, they are weak, aren’t they ?’

A sales person for Houkodou writes a note when I send an order.

‘I look forward to young Carp’

‘Maybe next year’


It is always ‘next year’

Next year turns into 25 years. 

They win once per 25 years.


 Suqqu brush F
(picture on the left)

It is sold out. 

As you might know, I sell Fude Japan brushes.

Fude Japan 5 Brush Set (Powder, cheek eyeshadow L, M, S)
Grey squirrel brushes Powder, cheek eyeshadow  L, M, S

(picture on the right)

It is made by Kyureido. 

I am checking if I can add Fude Japan F (flat)

I will keep you updated!

Thank you for reading!