Hakuhodo new kokutan : Kokutan eyeshadow GS (grey squirrel/synthetic)

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Hi Everyone, 

This is a new kokutan eyeshadow brush. 

It was sold at events in Singapore , but not at any other shops.

It is called 

[Kokutan Eyeshadow brush GS]

5040 yen

It is grey squirrel mixed with synthetic. 

The hair shape is similar to that of B004.

From the top, 

Kokutan eyeshadow SG (goat/synthetic)

Kokutan SC (tamage)

B004G (goat)

Kokutan eyeshadow GS (grey squirrel/synthetic) > new one

Kokutan eyeshadow ML (grey squirrel/synthetic)

Kokutan eyeshadow MLL (grey squirrel)

Kokutan eyeshadow GS (grey squirrel/synthetic) > new one

I thought it was 100% grey squirrel but it is mixed with synthetic, I was informed by Hakuhodo today.

I know most of you like 100% natural hair. 

Hakuhodo told me that this shape is difficult to make with 100% squirrel because it is too soft. 

Thank you for reading,