Hakuhodo sets and Bunshindo

Hi Everyone,

I visited Ginza Mitsukoshi.

I rarely go to Mitsukoshi as Isetan Shinjuku is quicker and has all I need.

Hakuhodo is not in Isetan and Mitsukoshi Hakuhodo has more sets than others.

I should visit more.

#hakuhodo #ginza
#hakuhodo #ginza

There are three kinds of sets now.

This is a vermillion set.

S104, S110, S5555, S142, S138, S163, soap and case.

47640 yen

This is squirrel/goat set.

F1342, G505, G5523 B005, towel and case.

32160 yen

This is Compact set

F3210, J5523, J005GS and case.

10080 yen.

Please let me know if you are interested.

I will write more next time!

Thank you!


170. SUQQU Holiday collection and Hakuhodo limited sets

Hi Everyone,

I mainly buy products in Shibuya Tokyu and Shinjuku Isetan.

Those department stores are still quiet, compared to ‘ Before Corona.’
Yet I see some Chinese buyers who speak Japanese very fluently.
They seem to be residents in Tokyo, so not many tourist yet.

Whatever the reason is, Japan COVID situation did not get worse.
The Government of Japan has decided to accept foreign travelers of short-time stay now.

I reckon Japan will accept tourists in general soon.

I observed one Chinese buyer who was buying lots of SUQQU eyelash curlers.
Do they sell SUQQU eyelash curlers in China very well?
It is about 20USD. There may be some secrets in marketing.
I need to learn how to sell it)

I don’t think I am good at advertising a product.
I take a picture and post it to instagram and online shop.

The other thing is that I don’t do makeup so it is hard to know what people want.

So I talk to shops and Kumano brush makers, and get as much information as possible.

Mostly importantly, I value your feedback.
Thank you)

I visited some brands who was displaying holiday collections.

SUQQU eyeshadow and blush


Hakuhodo Tokyu set


Thank you for reading!



I googled Kumano brush

Hi Everyone,

I went to Shinjuku and bought one soap of Takeda. Takeda has a shop at department store as Hakuhodo has.

Hakuhodo is a brand which invests most on retail shops.

There are many makeup brush companies in a small town in Hiroshima, so the competition must be hard. One company sells new hair and others follow.

Chikuhodo began to sell silver fox first. Now Koyudo and Takeda does it as well.

These are Takeda Silver fox.

Silver fox is soft like grey squirrel but resilient as goat.

I have sold Chikuhodo Silver Fox and the feedback has been good so far.

I was told that the process of cleaning Silver fox hair takes time.

Maybe that is one reason that it is expensive.

I visit many makeup shops, and ask if they know makeup brushes.

They often know Hakuhodo, but the others are not known by shop employees much.

I feel there are more fans of Kumano brushes outside Japan. In fact, my instagram is followed more by foreigners.

So I checked Kumano brushes on the web.

I checked Rakuten Market by Kumanofude. Here are brushes by good reviews. (Rakuten is the biggest online shop in Japan, along with Amazon)


熊野筆 is kumanofude, if you want to google it.

You see many companies: they look like products provided big Kumano brush companies and are sold as own brands.

While I take orders every day, I receive a question daily about brushes and makeup, and it may be interesting to write about it.

Today, I was asked how AB-HC of Bisyodo is compared with J210 Hakuhodo.

Both are goat, and Bisyodo officially says it is Saikoho. I don’t think Hakuhodo has Saikoho now. They just say ‘goat.’ Maybe at Hakuhodo, Saikoho is mixed with other kinds. And they don’t say Saikoho unless it is 100%.

Here is feedback from a client who uses both.

“AB-HC is more fluffy than J210.
J210 is a little bit softer than AB-HC.
AB-HC can be used more than J210 to parts of face”

Your question is welcome and I will look into it and will share it in my blog if you don’t mind.

Thank you for reading!


What are the most popular products for Hakuhodo?

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I wrote about popular kumano brushes.

There are many from Hakuhodo, so I am writing them separately here.

FYI, to be declared as a Kumano brush, a brush company needs to be a member of the Brush Union. Hakuhodo is not its member.

Technically, Hakuhodo is not a kumano brush, though it is located in Kumano.

Hakuhodo makes many limited sets : 2 or 3 sets per shop a month.https://en.hakuho-do.co.jp/user_data/stores_index.php

They have a shop in LA and Singapore too.

In Japan, sales people at each store create a set on their own.

Usually, the brush heads from the current products with a handle color.

What is good about a set is that a pouch or case comes free.

(Hakuhodo pouches around 1500 yen)


Hakuhodo people don’t work on a commision so they are not so aggressive. You usually see a mildly-speaking employee there.

Their English is good enough to explain what a brush is like. And you can try as many brushes as you like at shop.

Here are brushes that have been sold :

Hakuhodo are sold at department stores and all of them are closed.

They will open again once the ‘stayhome’ is released.

It looks like local cities will be back to normal earlier than Tokyo.

I will keep you updated.

Thank you for reading,


Hakuhodo sale till May 6 – 5% off

Hi Everyone,

Quiet days in Japan.

It seems that I am gradually adapting myself to this lifestyle.

I used to go to a gym every day, but now I cannot.

So I walk!

I found a Komede cafe, 2 stations away. This is a desert but I don’t go inside.

I walk there to get a cup of iced coffee to go, which takes about 8000 steps.

That is how I get rid of my stress – walk and coffee.

Japan is now locked down and many shops/restaurants/Izakaya have very  very few people inside…



Department stores are finally closed all over Japan till May 6, the earliest.

It depends on the Golden Week (next week), which is a holiday week, whether the lockdown continues or not.

If people still refrain from going out, the lockdown might end.

Even now, many people are working at home so I doubt Japanese go out or travel during the Gold Week.


I will sell Hakuhodo by discount – 5% off  till May 6.

All department stores are closed, so I can only get Hakuhodo after May 6, which might be delayed, depending on the corona.

It is sold at 5% discount till May 6. I will send you brushes after May 6, when department stores are open.


Please let me know if interested)

Thank you for reading!


Tokyo department store – quiet…

(The picture is MK-UM Chikuhodo)


Hi Everyone,

I came to a department store in Shibuya.

I have never seen this before, much more shop employees than visitors.

I talked to Hakuhodo.

Now they have a new shop in Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, I was told.

Well, it is February so maybe a bad timing… These are four sets available in Shibuya.

It was rumored to be locked down, but as of now, I haven’t heard.

There are less people day by day, still many people are walking in Shibuya.

The lockdown of Tokyo is approaching, many people say.

The department stores in Tokyo close on the weekend.

This is the big change, and I need to be ready, whether is good or not.

The Tohoku Earthquake in 2011 caused a change or increase in SNS.
Especially twitter.

This time, a shift from work at office to home.
We will see.

Thank you for reading!


Chikuhodo Silver Fox new eyeshadow brushes

Hi Everyone,

I wrote that shop employees wore a mask in my previous newsletter due to the Coronavirus.

Now some brands stopped touch-up. They cannot touch the skin of a client.

Those are Kanebo and Shiseido groups.

So SUQQU, RMK, Lunasol, all in the Kanebo group, and Shiseido, CDP, NARS, IPSA,  all in the Shiseido group,  stopped touch-up. You can try products by yourself, but shop employees only give you advice.


Chikuhodo released new Silver Fox brushes.

Eyeshadow round/flat

Eyeshadow candle type

each 2800 yen

I also visited Hakuhodo today.
Here is a monthly set. 17160 yen


Thank you for reading!

Hakuhodo Mitsukoshi sets

Hi Everyone,

It is almost 2020. Most companies entered into New Year holidays.

Dec 28 to Jan 5. It will be more than one week.

It is said to be the record number of people flying from Japan to overseas. You will see many Japanese in your country)

As people can take a long vacation, it seems they go on a long trip, according to a big travel agency. Here are where the Japanese go.

  1. Taiwan
  2. Italy
  3. Spain
  4. China
  5. Egypt
  6. Germany
  7. Austria
  8. Viet Nam
  9. France
  10. England

I remember Hawaii was No. 1, but maybe it has changed.

I made a short trip myself. To Ginza, LOL.

Ginza, as you may know, is a shopping street of high – end brands.

I visited Hakuhodo and here are four sets they have now.

Please reply to this email, if you are interested.

Elegant set – 15600 yen

Make set 26040yen

Compact light pink set 10800 yen,

J601, J5523, G5514 and push up lip PmA and cloth.

Beauty set 20400 yen

F3210, J110, J5523, J5529, K005, K015, Cloth and Soap.

Thank you for reading,


This week’s shopping

Hi Everyone, 

I was writing about Fude Japan marketing and history, but I was not able to finish it…

So in this blog, I want to show you what I bought this week and the products coming in January.

From top,

It is a foundation brush of Bisyodo. I ordered the first engraved brush. It is Saikoho. I will pay an engraving fee, so engraving is free. 10,000 yen

The second is Hakuhodo’s Yachiyo brush with goat. Yachiyo handle is Japan- traditional and wrapped with crane. It is used for powder and blush. 4800 yen

The third one is a fan brush made by Hakuhodo. The hair is a mix of squirrel and goat. The handle is ebony. Blush and powder. 18720yen

The Hakuhodo holiday consists of
F3210 (grey squirrel/goat) 

24960 yen

These eyeshadow palettes are THREE’s January new products. They will join the permanent line. THREE is a group company of POLA, emphasizing skin-friendly ingredients. 7800 yen each 

The first three Dior’s are face powder. 6600 yen each. The cushion foundation will come with this limited case in January.

Hakuhodo Ginza set is 15600 yen 

SUQQU will have new and limited products in January.
This is a limited eyeshadow palette. 

The Chikuhodo silver fox brushes are back in stock.

The last four are Kihitsu brushes.

Please reply to this newsletter if you are interested. 

Thank you for reading!

Here are some limited products.

My previous newsletters :

Hakuhodo brush will be returned to the factory

Hi Everyone,

I received a call from Hakuhodo. 

I had an order of 4 x G5558, and one of them was not made as it should have been.  There is the Hakuhodo Standard which they need to follow, and they have the quality-check division.

But the right one was sharper than the others, and the shop kindly called me to inform that it would be returned to the factory and the delivery would be one week late.

Their explanation is that a brush is made by hand, and it is inevitable that not all brushes are exactly the same. 

I have been to Koyudo, Chikuhodo and Houkodo to tour the factories, and saw the process by hand, but I have never been to Hakuhodo.

I heard that they did not provide a tour.

I was guessing they achieved their own standardization processes, which might be a secret.

Otherwise, they could not make so many brushes every day. 

Takeda said the same, but they claim to be a family-company with a small operation and it makes sense.

Well, a shop explained to me that brushes were different from each other but the difference should be small. 

And that right one will be returned.

By the way, I worked for Canon, which makes cameras and copiers, etc.

I had training at a camera factory and participated in the manufacturing line.

The processes were strictly managed, and my part was rejected at first, LOL.

That is the beauty of Japanese manufacturing, represented by Toyota Kaizen.

Each Kaizen proposal is paid, 500 yen, I recall, and better ones get paid more.

It was every day when I wrote several Kaizen proposals for the 500 yen.

Valuable bonus for the first year employee, right?

Thank for your reading,


One has to do something before the price increase, no? Meet the new B520 and B5510 in white (and say hi to handmade Snoopy ) @fudejapan #Hakuhodo #白鳳堂 #flagship #vermillion #saikoho #fude #handmade #madeinjapan #japan #japaneseart #ccsbrush #handmade #masterknitter #snoopy #peanuts #snowwhiteB520 Foundation Brush Round & Flat (weasel-synthetic mix)B5510 Eyeshadow Brush Round & Flat Short (horse)B5521 Powder Brush Tapered (blue squirrel-goat mix)Foundation brush, unnumbered (probably part of a set but couldn’t remember🤔), likely B5554 Duo Fiber Brush Round & Angled 4mm (goat-synthetic mix)

One has to do something before the price increase, no? Meet the new B520 and B5510 in white (and say hi to handmade Snoopy ) @fudejapan #Hakuhodo #白鳳堂 #flagship #vermillion #saikoho #fude #handmade #madeinjapan #japan #japaneseart #ccsbrush #handmade #masterknitter #snoopy #peanuts #snowwhiteB520 Foundation Brush Round & Flat (weasel-synthetic mix)B5510 Eyeshadow Brush Round & Flat Short (horse)B5521 Powder Brush Tapered (blue squirrel-goat mix)Foundation brush, unnumbered (probably part of a set but couldn’t remember🤔), likely B5554 Duo Fiber Brush Round & Angled 4mm (goat-synthetic mix)