I visited Osaji organic cosmetic brand today

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Hi Everyone, 

I want to introduce Osaji today.

Osaji makes facial, body, hair and oral care products.

It is an organic cosmetic brand and doesn’t belong to any of makeup companies e.g. Shiseido or Kanebo.

Shigeta san, the founder, tried to make products friendly to sensitive skins in 2001 when looking after his ill mother who loves organic brands. She was not able to use some organic products and he began to research which ingredients are better.

Osaji means a ‘doctor’ in the Edo period, who worked for Shogun or high-ranked samurai’s.

Osaji uses ingredients that are friendly and compatible with skins. 
And Osaji is made from ingredients only made in Japan. 

Interestingly, Osaji sells Amazake, a fermented rice drink, rich with vitamins and minerals. (Please see a picture below)

I drink Ama (means sweet) zake every day because I love its sweet taste.

Amazake is called ‘drinkable IV-drip,’ because they have many benefits for health.
I receive orders for Osaji from time to time. From eyeshadows and nails to shampoo and conditioners.

It was a little difficult to buy because I buy them at Isetan, which I don’t go to these days. 


Today I visited a department store in Shibuya, and found an event by Osaji.

They told me that Osaji would open the first shop in Shibyya. 

It will be easier to go and buy than going to Isetan, gong forward.

メイクアップ | OSAJI

Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you for reading!