I read an article about Kumano brushes

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(The picture is Winter cherry set of Hakuhodo)
Hi Everyone,

As you might know, brushes with certain natural hairs were discontinued. These hairs include Canadian squirrel and Kolinsky

I read news the other day about Kumano fude. The article explains: 90% of hairs are imported from China. And due to the Covid, Itachi (weasel) was not allowed to be exported by China. Maybe Kolinsky, one kind of Itachi, is included in the list.

Total import of hair to Japan has dropped by 50%. It could be temporary or permanent. I don’t know… 


Kazan squirrel is another story. The hair is not as rare as kolinsky or Canadian squirrel. But, Chikuhodo tells me that Kazan squirrel hairs are difficult to arrange. It takes time to complete them as a brush. The handles are also hard to get.

Now, I suspect the Kazan squirrel import situation is similar to that of Canadian squirrel. Import gets less and less.

On the other hand, Hakuhodo explains that Kazan will not be discontinued. Hakuhodo doesn’t make face or cheek brushes from Kazan. They make only eyeshadow brushes.

Hakuhodo might have sufficient stock of Kazan.

So KZ series of Chikuhodo will be discontinued from a different reason than Kolinsky.

Here is the update.

KZ1, KZ2, KZ3, KZ4, KZ5 and KZ6 are discontinued.
KZ7 and KZ8 might be on sale in 2021, but I cannot buy them from Chikuhodo now. 

I still have the stock of KZ2, KZ3 and KZ8 so you can buy them.

Thank you for reading,

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