298. Hakuhodo grey squirrel brush

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Hi Everyone,

I wrote that grey squirrel brushes was being mixed with synthetic these days.

Some eyeshadow brushes have already been converted into ‘mixed.’

G series have ‘N’ at the end of product number.
e.g. G5533N

G series will be continued with ‘N’ after grey squirrel hair is out of stock.

I still have a stock of grey squirrel hair but I will change them to’N’ after those are sold out.

Hakuhodo G5533 Eyeshadow brush round (grey squirrel - natural hair)
The bristles are superbly soft on your skin and enable you to achieve natural blending of colors. You can naturally smudge and blend eye shadow, even for bright...

When I asked Hakuhodo what the most popular brush was, they said, ‘it is S series.’

They are brushes with vermillion handles and have been sold for a long time.

The president of Hakuhodo has a strong attachment to S series and does not want to mix grey squirrel with synthetic for S series.

Therefore, some brushes will not be sold when grey squirrel hair is out of stock.

It has started with small brushes and the one I know is


Hakuhodo S146 Eye Shadow Brush Round (grey squirrel)- currently not in
Smudging and blending colors can be easily achieved. Also ideal for highlighter. Hair: Blue squirrel Brush length: 149 mm  Hair length: 16 mm

S146 bk

Hakuhodo S146Bk Eye Shadow Brush Round (grey squirrel) - currently not
S146Bk Eye Shadow Brush Round Hair:Blue squirrel Smudging and blending colors can be easily achieved. Also ideal for highl

Those are not sold at their online shop.

Hakuhodo told me that mixed grey squirrel is the same as 100% squirrel.

Yet my clients prefer 100% natural hair, I can tell.

I have received several orders for Tanseido YWS14T or WS14T. ‘Y’ means a long handle.
Maybe some people introduced the brush ?

Thank you for reading !