298. Hakuhodo grey squirrel brush

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Hi Everyone,

I wrote that grey squirrel brushes was being mixed with synthetic these days.

Some eyeshadow brushes have already been converted into ‘mixed.’

G series have ‘N’ at the end of product number.
e.g. G5533N

G series will be continued with ‘N’ after grey squirrel hair is out of stock.

I still have a stock of grey squirrel hair but I will change them to’N’ after those are sold out.

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When I asked Hakuhodo what the most popular brush was, they said, ‘it is S series.’

They are brushes with vermillion handles and have been sold for a long time.

The president of Hakuhodo has a strong attachment to S series and does not want to mix grey squirrel with synthetic for S series.

Therefore, some brushes will not be sold when grey squirrel hair is out of stock.

It has started with small brushes and the one I know is


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S146 bk

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Those are not sold at their online shop.

Hakuhodo told me that mixed grey squirrel is the same as 100% squirrel.

Yet my clients prefer 100% natural hair, I can tell.

I have received several orders for Tanseido YWS14T or WS14T. ‘Y’ means a long handle.
Maybe some people introduced the brush ?

Thank you for reading !