When I see ‘Dave Hilton,’

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Hi Everyone, 

Today, I want to introduce a Hakuhodo Valentine’s brush

Hakuhodo 2023 Valentine's Day blush brush
goat/synthetic total 145mm hair 40mm


Takeda Winter Gift (fox) 

2022 Takeda Winter Gift limited brush (fox) 23OVSSD EF
23OVSSD EF Fox, European Dressed        From Left to Right:• 23OV D45 EF• 19 SOV D35 EF• 16 RS 35 EF• 23 OVSSD EF• 19 OVSS EF

I think I have written a newsletter now for three or four days in a row.  As you might know, I am not good at writing a newsletter, LOL.

It is always difficult to keep doing a new thing while it is easy to start it. 

In Japan, we have a saying, ‘三日坊主,’ meaning ‘three-day boy.’

It means a person who cannot keep doing for a long time. Three days, for example.

I am a good example of the three-day boy.

I always have something that makes me begin a thing. 

It seems to be a flash or spark at first, but I forget it after three days and quit doing it.

I wonder how can I overcome it.

I still believe in ‘spark,’ though.


Haruki Murakami, a best selling novel writer, wrote about a spark. 

He was at a baseball game in Tokyo.

It was an opening day in April for baseball, and the Hiroshima Carp visited Tokyo to play the Yakult Swallows.

Murakmi was sitting in the right field bleacher, rooting for the Swallows, a home team. 

It was the bottom of the first inning. 

An American player named ‘Dave Hilton’ hit a double to left field. 

At that precise moment he heard the sound of the bat, something came down from the sky, and Murakami decided to write a novel and become a novelist. 

He hurried home to write a novel, and it was the first novel which was not good for him, but won the prize.

He was running a coffee shop at that time, and he loved it, but ‘Dave Hilton’ changed his life.

Well, I always see ‘Dave Hilton’ in my life, but end up with being a ‘three-day boy.’

Thank you for reading,