Kumano Fude Select brushes

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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, I wrote a newsletter about 三日坊主, Three-day-boy, which means a person who quits what he decides to do.

So I cannot quit writing a newsletter today.

I want to write about Kumano Fude select shop.

Kumano Fude Select is a foundation established by Kumano brush companies.

It sells own brand – Kumano Fude Select – while there are shops who sell many brands like Chikuhodo, Koyudo, Tanseido, etc.

There is a shop in Ginza, inside Hiroshima Brand shop, where you can buy Kumano brushes.

熊野筆 | TAU -ひろしまブランドショップ-
TAU -ひろしまブランドショップ- TAUは「たう」、届くという広島の方言です。

There is a small Okonomi Yaki shop, next to it on the same floor, so you may want to try it if you get exhausted from shopping in Ginza.

Its own brand, Kumano Fude Select, has several series, but I often get an order for SS-Series.

This week, I received an order for

SS1-3, a highlight and shading brush. Sokoho goat.

Sorry I have only one product at my online shop, SS1-3.

Please let me know if you are interested in other brushes,

I will create a product to a shop so you can buy it.

Thank you for reading!