EMS is now available but…

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(the picture : Houkodou makie brushes – grey squirrel)

Hi Everyone,

EMS is now available to almost all countries.

It was the cheapest way of sending a parcel before, but now it depends on a country to send to.

This is the order of the cheapest to the most expensive at the moment,

Asia : EMS<FedEX<DHL

North America : FedEX<DHL<EMS

Europe: FedEX<DHL<EMS

Asia : most clients choose EMS

North America : FedEX is the cheapest but many prefer DHL.

Europe : It seems to depend on a person’s experience.

What do I like most ?


Because I like a person who picks up a parcel !?

It is true that the current delivery person of DHL is very nice.

He is always smiling and polite.

I had a chat for thirty minutes the other day. He played volleyball till college, though he may be 170cm tall, not like 200cm.

Though he wears a DHL uniform, he changes a hairstyle quite often, and I can tell he is attentive to fashion.

He is good looking ( this is totally irrelevant, though )

A delivery person rotates so it is not the reason I like DHL.

The reasons are:

DHL gives us two-hour time frame to pick up a parcel while FedEX gives three hours.

I cannot move for three hours – that is huge.

DHL is more precise on time while FedEX is sometimes late.

When I send to USA by FedEX, the customs stopped a parcel twice while DHL has never stopped.

It is outside the control of a courier company but they communicate with each other, and I believe FedEX has a responsibility to some extent.


They are on time to pick up a parcel. That is good.


There are two main differences between EMS and the others.

EMS is a JP Post service and they deal with a domestic courier, too. So some of them are not used to an international parcel.

The other is their system.

While DHL and FedEX carry a paperless operation, EMS is heavily paper-oriented, and a person checks documents at the door and I need to sign it after all is done.

So a delivery person plays an important part for EMS.

It depends on a day who comes to pick up a parcel from EMS.

This person ……

He comes often. Maybe assigned to my area.

He is not friendly, but that is ok.

I write a content to a label. e.g. makeup brush set

It is pretty simple, sometimes I write only ‘brush.’

He always asks me, ‘what is the content?’

I say, ‘ブラシ(Brush).’

Well, it is true that English is not the official language here but we have to study it for 6 years at minimum.

He asks me all the time and I say, ‘Brush.’ … It is probably the most unproductive conversation in the day.

Well, he is the only one to ask and all the others don’t.

The best part is not his English.

It takes long to check documents !

It normally takes two minutes if one or two boxes. Maybe 5 mins for 5 parcels.

This person….

Can you imagine how long it takes him to check one parcel ?

Almost 10 minutes. One parcel.

So it depends on who comes for EMS whether or not I have a good day….

Now I change it to a game.

The other day, when I gave him more than one parcel, I tried to brush my teeth and challenged if I could finish it.

I was able to!

Now you see how devastated I feel when I see him at the door…

Well, I think I wrote too much about EMS today.

I will write about a smiling DHL guy tomorrow,

Thank you for reading!