Hakuhodo and Chikuhodo update

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Hi Everyone,

I received a call from DHL manager who wanted to meet with me.

I use DHL more often than FedEX and EMS.

I am a heavy user of DHL.

First time to meet with a DHL sale person.

I am going to meet with him in Shibuya for coffee this week.

This is the first time to meet a sales rep from a courier company.


Today I want to update you on limited brushes of Hakuhodo and Chikuhodo.

Hakuhodo Canadian squirrel brushes

I only have Kokutan eyeshadow S.

Hakuhodo Kokutan Eye Shadow S (Canadian Squirrel)
Japanese handcrafted brushes and unique luxurious Japanese make up brands. Buy Japanese brushes and make up with the best price.

All the other Canadian brushes are out of stock now.

They are not discontinued, but they have been out of stock for many months.

Kolinsky brushes


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Hakuhodo G541 Concealer Brush -black ferrule (round flat) (natural hai
Spreads product evenly and quickly with stunning sheer coverage. Hair: Kolinsky Brush length: 131mm Hair length: 16.0mm


Hakuhodo B120(G120) Eyeshadow round flat
Kolinsky B120 Gold L in left From left • Hakuhodo B120 (G120)• Takeda SH6.5SRS ECSQU• Takeda SH14S ECSQU• Takeda 16 SOV D34 EPSQU <W>• Takeda 16 RS 35 EF...

These three brushes are the biggest Kolinsky.

They are not discontinued, either.

I will update you from time to time.

Chikuhodo Kiwami set

I asked if the Kiwami set was available again but they haven’t made a new one yet.

I will keep you informed.

MK series

MK1, MK2 and MK3 are sold out and discontinued. I don’t have any stock.

MK-KO is sold out at Chikuhodo. I have the stock.

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MK-SK and MK-UM are also available.

Thank you for reading!