Straighten hair – brush-making process

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Hi Everyone,

I asked Takeda how hair is made for a brush.

I want to write about the processes in several newsletters.


Natural hair is not straight. And it is oily and has strong smell.

Therefore, natural hair needs to be straightened and its smell needs to be taken out.

When hair is straight, hair moves more accurately as an individual hair. It is an important quality of hair for better makeup /calligraphy/painting.

There are two ways of straightening hair.
– One is to take out oil by ash – Japanese dressed
– Another one is to take out water and oil, but to leave some of them in the hair – European dressed
– The other one is in the middle. (FG, EXT, EXS and EX of Takeda are done by this method)

Takeda names European dressed brushes a number beginning with E. e.g. ECSQU, EF, EPSQU, etc.

I will translate and write the characteristics of each method later in coming newsletters.

Thank you,