Sorry – my blog was a little bit negative

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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, I wrote about Chanel. 

I regret having written some negative aspects of Chanel.

A family member of yours might be President of Chanel. ….


Speaking of a company executive, I remember my university friends.

I studied marketing at university.

In Japan, a student belongs to a seminar for two years – the 3rd and 4th years.

I took a marketing class when I was at the 2nd year.

I really liked a marketing professor so I joined his seminar. 

It turned out to be a mistake.

The seminar had several children of company owners .
I felt I was an outsider of the group for the two years.


One of them was a son of a big family restaurant founder.
It is called ’Skylark’ that has ‘Jonathan’, ‘Gusto’ etc if you have been to Japan.

Though he was a rich kid, he did not behave as he was.
Just a typical Japanese boy.

Well, not sure who is a typical Japanese boy LOL

He studied at New York University Business School, when I was working for Canon USA.
I visited him on a weekend, it was a condominium owned by his father, where we could see the entirety of Central Park.

It was the only moment I felt he was rich.

As a matter of fact, he didn’t join his family company and instead chose to be a marketing professor.

Several years after he finished business school, the company was sold to Nomura Security, a big investment bank in Japan.

Later, Nomura sold it to Baine Capital, an American investment bank.

So either way, his life would have been interesting and exciting.

Sorry I changed topics a lot : from Chanel to a family restaurant,

The reason I wrote is I found an album of my junior high school.
It was located in a small town in Hiroshima.

I googled some classmates and my search expanded to my college friends.

Different from college friends, I was not able to find many things about junior high classmates.

One guy became an anime writer. Another became a dentist.

That is it.

Is there a big difference between Tokyo and Hiroshima ? Big city versus small city.

That will be another topic for me to write in a newsletter,

Thank you for reading!