Hakuhodo Price increase – June 1

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Hi Everyone, 

I visited Hakuhodo Shibuya and chatted with Shop manager.

As you may know, Hakuhodo will raise their prices on June 1.

She told me that I would need to order brushes at the current prices by May 22. Please let me know if you have Hakuhodo orders by May 22, Sunday.

After that date,  I will update the prices to new ones.

She said, ‘the price increases were larger than what she had thought them to be.’
She did not say anything more than that, but due to the shortage in hair supply, she may not be exaggerating.

Not to mention Canadian squirrel and Kolinsky,
Grey squirrel hair will be mixed with Synthetic. 

According to Hakuhodo,
certain type of grey squirrel hair is difficult to make as a brush and that is why grey squirrel needs to be mixed with synthetic to be stable. 

Well, it may be true, 


 Grey squirrel hair is in short supply and that is why it needs to be mixed.
That is what I think.

I will ask more and get back !

Thank you for reading!