Hakuhodo grey squirrel hairs will be mixed with synthetic

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(The picture is Shu Uemura Chromatics eyeshadow)


Hi Everyone, 

Some hairs get rare and rare. and brushes with those hairs become expensive or discontinued. 

A good example is Kolinsky. 

There are still many eyeshadow brushes with Kolinsky, but cheek or face brushes are not being sold.

I ordered Takeda Kolinsky, 16 RK. It is a customized cheek brush and about 100,000 yen.

Takeda told me that the price might go up as the kolinsky hair got expensive.


Grey squirrel hair supply is still stable but Hakuhodo is another story.

Hairs are provided to Japan by European companies or others. 

For example, Takeda name European way of hair, such as ECSQU or EF, European way of Canadian squirrel or (Sliver) Fox.

My recollection is that European way is more fluffy than the other ( e.g. Chinese way)

It is not clear where Hakuhodo sources hair, but a change was made, and the current hair is too fluffy to make 100% grey squirrel.  

Therefore, grey squirrel hair will be mixed with synthetic hair to be more stable.

(or is it an excuse to make synthetic hair brushes ?, I don’t know…)

G5523 is now G5523N and F8132 is now F8132N. 
There is no G5523 or F8132 with 100% natural hair any more.
*N is synthetic mixed.

This trend will expand to most grey squirrel hairs, if not all. 

G5529L and G5534L are out of stock, and M is only available.S series is not the exemption.S series with grey squirrel will be replaced by synthetic mix. Small brushes’ stock is lower than that of big brushes. 

Today I was informed that S142BK was not available to order.
Shop did not tell me if it was temporary or not, but grey squirrel will be replaced by synthetic mix after the current stock is sold out.

I will get more information and let you know.
I want to inform you of more accurate data but shops are not clear yet.

Thank you for reading,
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