274. Hakuhodo & Chikuhodo Update

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(The picture is Kihitsu Kinoko saikoho)

https://store.fudejapan.com/products/kihitsu-kinoko-powder-saikoho-k-saiko?_pos=1&_sid=41dfe97d8&_ss=rHi Everyone, 

Thank you for ordering many brushes. 

As Hakuhodo raise their prices and discontinue B series, I take many orders from new clients. 

I want to write how long it takes me to get brushes and ship them. 

Hakuhodo shop has M size brushes only with very few L’s.

When they don’t have a stock, they order to Hiroshima factory, and the factory sends brushes to Tokyo. 

They take all orders by Sunday and summarize them for Hiroshima. And Tokyo receives brushes on Thursday or Friday. 

It might take long. 

For example, 
If I get an order after Sunday evening (March 20) Japan time, I give my list  to Hakuhodo on Monday (21st)  or later, and it will be treated as an order for the following Sunday (27th). 

I get brushes on the following Friday that is April 1. 

FedEX and DHL are off on Sunday, it could be on April 4, when I ship brushes. 

It could be a two-week process. 

I really feel sorry to keep you waiting but I cannot do anything. 


Last Sunday, I gave Hakuhodo my list consisted of 270 brushes, maybe the biggest ever.

Hakuhodo employees’ faces were covered by agonized looks, LOL.

I see one issue, they don’t work on commission, so how busy they are, they don’t get paid more as many makeup brands’ employees get paid. 

I suggested them to take an email with a file so that they don’t have to double input, I will see. 

The other thing is Chikuhodo FO10.
I ordered FO10 two weeks ago but they have been out of stock.

Finally, they will arrive this weekend. 

So sorry for people who ordered FO10 and waited long!

Thank you for your patience.


I know some people like Chikuhodo, some like Koyudo, but Hakuhodo may be the most popular.  I am surprised that many people order Hakuhodo though they can be bought from the USA shop.

Thank you for reading!

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