Hakuhodo Manager Explained How A Brush Should Be Stored.

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(The picture is Fude Japan face brush)

Hi Everyone,

I checked with Kyureido if I could order Fude Japan brushes : 
face, cheek and eyeshadow brushes. 

Fude Companies have raised their prices these days, so I was worried, but I can buy them at the same price. 

It was good!

 Today I want to talk about how brushes are taken care of or stored by a client of mine.
 I asked a manager of Hakuhodo shop today.

She said, You can wipe hairs by cloth, and keep them standing in a case, such as pen case.

I also asked if a paulownia box keeps brushes better stored. She did not know.

Well, Hakuhodo doesn’t sell a paulownia box. She will ask the President Takamoto, who is working in Tokyo.  She often meets him.Big brushes can be covered by vinyl that comes with a brush when bought.There are two vinyls and the one inside can be cut short to cover hairs.It prevents hairs from spreading.If brushes are not used for a long time, you can keep them in a plastic case in a place, not hot nor humid.If hot and humid, ferrules can get rusty. It is not harmful to a brush, but you can remove it by citric acid if you want.I asked if a brush needs to be washed.She said, ‘if a brush is washed too often, it will shorten the life. You can wash it once or twice a year. If hair has too much oil, please wash it.’

‘ New brushes can be used right away, with no washing.’‘Maybe a brush for liquid foundation can be washed more e.g. every three month.’She added,

‘ I wash a liquid foundation brush when I finish each liquid foundation. It is usually once a year.’‘You can clean it by a cloth when it is used.’
 I asked about a liquid foundation brush. I will write next time.

It is a good learning process for me,

 Thank you for reading,Toshiya
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