294. Hakuhodo Kolinsky brushes

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(the picture about is B539 concealer brush)

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I wrote about grey squirrel brushes made by Hakuhodo.

There are still 100% grey squirrel brushes whereas most of them are not mixed with synthetic.

A brush number ends with ‘N’ if it is mixed with synthetic.

e.g G5533N

Today, I want to introduce kolinsky brushes.

I bought the following brushes before they were sold out.


Hakuhodo B120(G120) Eyeshadow round flat
Kolinsky B120 Gold L in left From left • Hakuhodo B120 (G120)• Takeda SH6.5SRS ECSQU• Takeda SH14S ECSQU• Takeda 16 SOV D34 EPSQU <W>• Takeda 16 RS 35 EF...


Hakuhodo S120Bk Eye Shadow Brush Round & Flat
Hair: Kolinsky Resilient and good at picking up the desired amount of product, while remaining soft on your skin. You can achieve a flawless finish as this brus...


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I had



But, they were sold out.

I will post a picture to instagram or write a newsletter if I find a brush that was discontinued.

There are sometimes brushes which found left at the Hiroshima factory.

Thank you for reading!