293. Hakuhodo grey squirrel brushes

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Hi Everyone,

Hakuhodo has switched grey squirrel hair to a mix of grey squirrel and synthetic hair.

‘N’ is attached to the end of a product number for the mixed hair.

e.g. G5533N (grey squirrel/synthetic mixed)

Today I bought brushes with 100% grey squirrel in long handles that were at the Hiroshima factory.

G5533 black long

Hakuhodo G5533 Eyeshadow brush round (grey squirrel -100% natural hair
The bristles are superbly soft on your skin and enable you to achieve natural blending of colors. You can naturally smudge and blend eye shadow, even for bright...

G5534 black long

Hakuhodo G5534 Eyeshadow Brush Tapered (natural hair)
I still have a stock of G5534 M size.   This is 100% natural hair - grey squirrel.  Hakuhodo changed it to mixed hair with synthetic. This grey squirrel hair is...

F6131 black long

Hakuhodo F6131 Ougi short and fan shaped (100% grey squirrel natural)
(Hakuhodo only sells F6131N, sythe mix, this has limited stock) Hair:Blue squirrel A highlighter brush made of soft squirrel hair. Apply highlighter to the part...

F8431 black long

Hakuhodo F8431 Ougi Tsubomi (natural hair )
Hair:Blue squirrel  This is a recommendation for an eyeshadow fan brush. Its distinctive bud-like shape, with bristles all over the surface, captures the color ...

Please let me know if you are interested in medium size.

I can also buy the following brushes with 100% grey squirrel in middle size.

G5529 Size M

G5533 M

G5534 M

F6131 M

F8132 M

F8431 M

thank you for reading!