Meeting with DHL

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Hi Everyone,

I met a sales person of DHL. I was late for a meeting because I was waiting for EMS LOL)

I have been talking with DHL reps on the phone. This is the first time to meet one of them in person.

There are some interesting facts I found.

First, DHL was bought by Deutsche Post. Previously to the purchase, DHL was an American company.

Second, his former boss, an American guy, was my boss when I had a part-time job for Coca Cola when I was at college. Small world.


He showed me which countries I shipped to most in 2022.

I shipped to USA by far the most, followed by Australia and Canada.

I use EMS to Asia more than DHL and FedEX. In total, I ship to Singapore very often.

The next picture shows how long it takes a parcel to arrive. DHL carries a parcel to a destination within one or two days (yellow =1 day: grey : 2 days) more than 50%. That is pretty fast.

For example, a parcel arrives at USA next day ( there is a time difference, though)

This sales person has been working for DHL for more than 38 years.

Thank you for reading,