The cash machine did not return my card and cash

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Today, I had a new experience.

I tried to deposit cash to an ATM machine, and the card did not come back.

The first experience in my life.

There was a phone on the machine, and when I picked up a phone, an operator quickly understood what I did. He remotely operated the machine.


The card was returned, and cash was almost returned, but not quite.

So, he instructed me to wait there for 30 minutes or come back.

Luckily, it was a machine at a department store.

I was able to spend the thirty minutes on shopping

I bought Hakuhodo J5529,

then to Cosme Kitchen for To/One

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I also bought a cup of coffee – a good way to change my mood.

When I came back, a man with a black uniform was waiting.

I showed my ID and he gave retuned cash.

He asked extremely politely, ‘I have a question. There was something I wanted to show to you. It is a small paper with cash inside the machine. Is it yours?’

I said, ‘it is mine.’

It was a tiny receipt. He must have known that it was mine, and could have said, ‘Hey, this small paper caused a problem in the machine. I wasted 30 minutes. Stupid!’

Instead, ‘Is this paper yours ?’ ( He obviously knew it was mine)

I said, ‘it is mine.’

He said, ‘thank you. sorry to keep you waiting.’

Maybe he dealt with a person who got mad after waiting in front of machine.

This time, it was totally my fault.

He was exceptional polite which made me feel guilty.

My life is not eventful and this is something I can write in a newsletter.

Thank you for reading !


The picture shows Hakuhodo brushes in limited handles.

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