I like shopping very much

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(the picture is F1210, it is all goat as it is with a limited handle. The current F1210 is goat/synthetic)

Hi Everyone,

Today, I went to Hakuhodo and Chanel.

I want to talk about Chanel. Chanel never bores me.

First, it is one blush I bought, please take a look.

I wanted to buy it and leave quickly, because I had Hakuhodo wait for me.

Chanel asked me to sit at the counter, or ‘told’ me to do so.
I don’t sit at a counter unless I really ‘enjoy’ a conversation with a sale person.

Then she asked me to register to LINE. I said, ‘ no thanks, I have registered to your system.’

She tried to convince as thought she was not able to sell a product. I gave it up and registered to LINE. It took five minutes.

Then she asked me, ‘ can I check the blush?’
I said, ‘yes, please but can I take a picture ?’

Then a fun part started.

She said, ‘ a picture is not allowed at shop.’
I said, ‘I heard about it. But I will buy it. So it will be mine. I can take a picture of my product, can I? ‘
She : ‘ But you cannot take a picture at the counter .’
I thought: (This will be a waste of time, but let me try)
I said, ‘ok, I just take a picture of my product. Is it ok?’
She said, ‘you can’t take a picture here at the counter’
I said, ‘ a casher is next to chanel, why don’t we go there to take a picture? It is not the chanel counter.’
She said, ‘you can pay here. No need to go to a casher.’
I said, ‘ yes, I pay here, we just go there to take a picture. It takes only 5 seconds.’
She was not happy, but we went there to take a picture.

I thanked her VERY politely.

Then we came back to the counter.

I asked, ‘are you a manager? If so, you don’t have to ask a manager, so maybe you could be more flexible.’
She said, ‘I am a manager, but I work for another shop. I am here to help.’

Well, either way, she is at the highest position so she can take the liberty to do on her own.

I briefly explained it to her, but she did not say yes or no.

When I left, I said, ‘thank you.’

It was ‘thank you’ for giving me a topic for a next newsletter.

Chanel always gives me more than a product I buy.


I understand it takes lots of efforts to keep being a top brand for long long time.

Thank you for reading!