Hakuhodo B Series Will Be Discontinued

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(The picture is Chanel Camellia Highlighting Powder)


Hi Everyone, 

Another change from June 1 this year  is that Hakuhodo will not sell B series any longer.

B is ‘Basic’ and if other series such as J or G have popular brushes, Hakuhodo creates the same brushes under B series. 

Let’s take an example of J531 and B531.

J531 is the same as B531. The only differences are logos.

B531 has handle options, not only in Black but in Silver, White and Champagne Gold while J is available only in Black.

After June 1, 
B531 will be discontinued.
(If there is the stock, each shop continues to sell it, however, at the increased price)

J531 will be only available, with color options.
J series or G series or other series have color options in handle.

Currently J531 has only black handles. 

Bad news is that only Black and Champagne Gold will be available as handle colors, going forward.

White and Silver will NOT be available after June 1.It all happens on June 1, and there is plenty of time.

No rush LOL.

By the way, I am always impressed that many clients act quickly. 
I am a last-minute guy.

On the last day of the summer vacation, which is August 31, I used to write all diaries for school homework. For 50 days.

Back to brushes,
Hakuhodo made too many kinds of brushes and made inventory management difficult. 

Thank you for reading,


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