“How to Order”

You can order by

  • Email to fudejapan@hotmail.com

You can use an order form below if easier to order, but you can just email which products you like or inquiry to fudejapan@hotmail.com.


Please download here Fude Japan (Order Form) and complete the order form including all details of your order. Once completed, please forward the Order Form to fudejapan@hotmail.com.

If you cannot download the form or prefer an email, please email me on fudejapan@hotmail.com. NO need to send an order form)


Payments are accepted via PayPal or Credit Card.

  1. PayPal Payments: The PayPal account is  fudejapan@hotmail.com       Please use “friend and family” option if available in your country, as it is almost free of remittance charges.
  2. Credit Card Payments: A credit card link will be sent to you if you prefer a credit card payment


Worldwide Shipping via EMS. Shipping charges depend on the total amount of your order.

FREE SHIPPING on all orders over ¥50,000 if all are makeup brushes and brush cases

(minimum postage)

Asia ¥1,400
USA ¥2100 (currently DHL or FedEX, EMS is suspended)
Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand ¥2,000
Europe ¥2,200
Rest of the world ¥2,400
(These amounts will increase as the weight or insured amount increase)

Shipping includes insurance( free up to 20,000 yen) and tracking. The delivery time of your parcel will depend on the availability of the ordered items. Please be aware that cosmetic brushes may be out of stock with the manufacturing company at the time of your purchase. Consequently, there may be a delay in the delivery time. In this case, your order status will be communicated regularly. If you have any questions regarding your order, please do not hesitate to contact fudejapan@hotmail.com. After shipment of your package, delivery time may vary depending on the country of destination.


  1. No Service Fee will be applied for orders on  brushes from Bisyodo, Koyudo, Koyomo, Kihitsu, Chikuhodo, Houkodou
  2. Service Fee will be applied for orders except for items above




No Return/ No Cancellation Policy


It is required by law to fully declare the contents of your package. Custom charges may apply and is the responsibility of the buyer.


To protect your privacy your personal information is exclusively used for the service of Fude Japan only.

29 Replies to ““How to Order””

  1. I’m wondering what does “10% Service Fee charges will be applied for orders except for item No. 1 and No. 3” mean? Does it mean that you won’t charge if it is the first or the third order of the brands? Thank you!

    1. Hi thank you for your inquiry ) No. 1 i s no fee, and No. 3 Tanseido is 20% fee, except for a group order. The rest is 10% ) Please let me know which brands you are thinking ) Thanks!

  2. HI Toshiya! Sorry for my late reply 🙁 Yes I’m interested I will fill out the form when I am free, I became super occupied the past few weeks.

  3. Hi, may I know roughly how long does it take for shipping to Singapore and how much is it? Thanks!

  4. Hi Toshiya, I live in Canada And was wondering if you could advise about purchasing the Suqqu Eyeshadow S Brush. Very difficult to find. Also I was wondering about the entire 10 Piece Chikuhodo Z series.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I am talking to SUQQU but looks like it will be not on sale… I know some or many of you want it to be back so I am asking them to consider))
      Thank you for your comment!

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