Bisyodo new series – Shiori

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Hi Everyone, 

Bisyodo announced the sale of a new series.


I know most of you are not big fans of synthetic, which I told them, too. 
The call it fake animal hair.

The sale person, is an American guy whose native language is Japanese, 
and actually he studied English as a foreign language.

When he comes to Tokyo, I meet him, and all the conversations are in Japanese. 

We exchange honest opinions with each other and he is someone I can ask non-job related things.

As his grandfather was born and raised in Poland, he is quite interested in the country of Poland. 

 I asked many questions about the history of Poland.

Well, the history of Europe is complex and it amazes me how each country interacts, whether good or bad.

Japan being a country alone in the sea, the concept of having the boarder interests me.


I am introducing here this synthetic brush set, knowing you prefer natural hair. 

Please let me know if you are interested,

By the way, COVID now is really quiet, and I think, next year, Japan will see many tourists.

Thank. you for reading, 

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